Jeet's Panther aims to revive the patriotic spirit

Love for the nation is something that unites us to each of us, but our hectic lives rarely allow us to express or recognize it. With Independence Day just around the corner, the teasers, the trailer and the songs of Anshuman Pratyush's Panther We are trying to rekindle the patriotic spirit within all of us. The movie with Jeet as a RAW agent seems to be on track to strike the right chord with viewers. Many are waiting to be part of a defense person’s journey, as he fights terrorism to protect his nation. “We do not have the privilege to serve our country in uniform. However, I think we can also work for our country without uniform. Working in this film has given me the same feeling one probably gets while serving the nation, ”Jeet told us.

The action sequences shown in the trailer and trailer have already received much appreciation. During filming, there was a time when I was holding the Tricolor - humara Tyranga . And Vande Matraram was playing in the backdrop. That was such a proud moment. It is very difficult to put it in words. When you watch the film, you will be able to feel those moments of josh, ”Jeet signed off.