L Subramaniam and his son Ambi will release an album together after a decade

Bengaluru violinist Ambi Subramaniam is excited about his next album because he introduces his father, Dr. L Subramaniam . The album, titled Live in Portugal , see the father-son duo collaborate after almost a decade.

This is a classic album and it is from our recent performance in Portugal where both of us were on stage together. It sounds good and it feels good because there was such a long gap from the last album my dad and I worked on, ”says Ambi, adding,“ The mood of the songs is very different, the songs have a little dark side to it , unlike the other songs that we have worked on. We have done other projects every now and then. I think both of us were caught in our own projects as well and sometimes, things didn't work out the way we wanted it to, which is why it took so long for us to release another album together. ”The album will have three tracks mainly in Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi. “I felt I sound different from the way I did back when our last album was released. This time around, I have contributed more as an artist. It's very clear who’s playing when and how we complement each other, yet, maintain our individuality, ”he sums up.