Thattem Mutteem: Krishnapilla Vakkeel has a visitor

With new incidents and characters, the Thatteem Mutteem The family continues to entertain the television audience with the episodes. According to the new updates of the social media page of the channel, the family is having a difficult time with their guest who came to see Mayavathi's husband. Well, the new episode will revolve around the late Krishnanpilla Vakkeel and a visitor who came to meet him without knowing he is dead. Upon going through the promotion, Mayavathi Amma, Mohanavalli and Arjunan are surprised when they see an old woman who had come to her house to meet Krishnapilla Vakeel. Mayavathi Amma He starts a conversation with the old woman and asks him why he wants to meet Krishnapilla. The old woman seems inflexible and replies that she will leave the house only after visiting Krishnapilla. Although the reason for the visit is unknown, according to the promotion, the episode is full of humorous moments between Mayavathi amma and the old woman. Actress KPAC Lalitha plays the role of Mayavathi amma in the sitcom, Thatteem Mutteem.