Southern star Archana Shashtry will make her Bollywood debut

The vivacious and beautiful southern movie star Archana Shashtry, who has worked on many films on Telegu, Tamil and Kannada cinema everything is ready to do it Bollywood debut with the horror movie Big Bat Films 'Mushkil - Fear Behind You'. The movie will hit the screen on August 9 and presents Archana as the lead actress, possessed by a ghost.

The actress remembers how she had a strange experience filming for the movie in Pappingo, Greece. She says: The location was really delighted and we have also heard that many people have committed suicide in Greece in that particular place. I could see shadows at night. There have been incidents of horror movie sets, where such stories attract the real threat, but director Rajiv S ruia and producer Ravinder Jeet Dariya were ready to take a risk while the story speaks for itself at the end.

As seen on the posters, she is the opposite of what she looks like. She said: I am playing the possessed, but people should not be afraid, they should go to the theaters and get the excitement and emotion that results from watching horror movies. The actress is excited to be part of a horror movie because they are not so much compared to the other genres and firmly believes that her acting skills will keep the horror movie lover excited and scared.