First whale shark observed in South Gujarat

SURAT: On Monday There Was An Adult On The Dumas Coast. Whale Shark Is The Largest Fish Species In The World.

It Was Wounded And Bled If It Was Found. A Team Of Forest Departments And Fishermen Released It Later Into The Deep Sea Using A Motorized Fishing Boat.

Otherwise Healthy, The Fish Was About 15 Feet Long And Weighed Around 250 Kg, Forest Officials Said. The Fish Was Noticed In The Afternoon During High Tide And Soon A Number Of Villagers Came Together On The Spot.

The Fish Was Caught In The Fishing Net And Was Assumed To Be Dragged To The Shore By Some Fishermen. The Net Was Later Cut To Free The Fish. The Fish Got Stuck On A Stone Wall On The Shore And Was Later Brought Down In Sea Waters By Making A Slide From Wooden Supports.

The Fish Was Mature And It Was Suspected That He Had Come For Breeding Near The Coast Of Gujarat. Whale Sharks Swim From Africa To The Arabian Sea To Saurashtra For Breeding.

" This Is Sighting Of A Whale Shark On The Coast Of South Gujarat. Observing This Fish After Dolphins Is A Welcome Sign," Said Darshan Desai, A Volunteer From Prayas, An NGO Working For Environmental Protection.

" There Was A Whale Shark In This Region For The First Time. The Fish Was Trapped In A Net And Later Released Into The Sea," Said Puneet Nayyar, Deputy Conservator Of The Forest, Surat.

Over The Past 10 Years, Foresters Have Been Sighting Of Several Dolphins And In Some Cases Their Cadavers Have Been Found. A Dolphin Was Also Seen In The Tapi River Near Chowk And It Is Believed That It Came With High Tide.