Krishnakoli written update, August 6, 2019: Disha tries to emotionally convince Shyama

In the last episode of Krishnakoli, Disha He continues to pretend to be innocent in front of Nikhil's family. Sujata & Nikhil realize her real agenda & request her to stop pretending. Disha creates an emotional drama to convince them but fails. Right after she leaves, Shyama suggests visiting the temple & performing the puja. Disha listens to the conversation & hatches another plan.

At home, Radha packs her bags & says she is unable to bear the humiliation. Rukmini isn't ready to leave so easily. Earlier, Nikhil had asked them to leave.

Suddenly, she gets a call asking who wants to organize Radha’s show. Rukmini says that Radha no longer performs. She suggests Shyama’s name for the show.

Shyama finds Disha in the temple & gets surprised. Disha pretends to be innocent & says she is here to pray. She breaks down into tears & says that she can’t live without Ashoke.

Radha gets furious seeing her mom referring Shyama ’s name for a show. Rukmini , however, tries to convince her that it is their golden ticket to stay at Chowdhury residence. Rukmini finally reveals her plan & says that she will destroy Shyama ’s voice.

Meanwhile, Disha leaves no stone unturned to convince Shyama that she wants to die out of shame. She requests Shyama to talk to her in-laws & explain how much she is ashamed of herself.

Nikhil is at the office but he is disturbed thinking about his brother Ashoke. Arun finds him in this state & tries to console him.

Meanwhile, Shyama fears what if Disha takes a drastic step. She decides to talk to the family members.