Paris The Paris team approaches the review committee

The next Kajal Aggarwal movie Paris Paris has had problems with the censorship board. The board asked the creators to make many visual and audio cuts and blurs for many scenes. The rumor is that the board asked for almost 25 scenes to be cut. But this has not gone well with the team, which now plans to approach a Review Committee for review and the necessary approvals.

Paris Paris is the Tamil remake of Kangana Ranaut's Queen . Interestingly, the Kannada (Butterfly) and Malayalam (Zam Zam) versions of the film have been cleared by the Censor Board with U/A certificate. Paris Paris is directed by Ramesh Aravind . The cast of stars includes Elli Avram , Vinaya Prasad and Bhargavi Narayan. The music for the film is by Amit Trivedi and the cinematography is by Satya Hegde.