Polarized Northern Macedonians vote for president

SKOPJE (REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA): North Macedonians Return To The Ballot Box On Sunday For A Run-Off Of The President Who Is Tending To Increase Political Domination For Ruling Social Democrats, Whose Candidate Is Resisting A Nationalist-supported Rival.

The Center-Left Ruling Party ' S And The Right Hand Pick Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova Finished On A Glowing Plate In The First Voting Round Last Month.

De Das Reduced The Almost Equal Division Between The Pro-Western And Nationalist Camps That The Government ' S Have Struck To Change The Name Of The Balkan Country In Northern Macedonia That Ended A Long-Term Row Of Greece.

But A Record-low Turnout, With Barely More Than 40 Percent, Also Reflected The Fact That Most Of The 1.8 Million Voters Were Not Taken Hostage.

If The Voters Participation In Sunday ' S Second Round Decreases To Below 40 Percent, The Full Poll Is Declared, Enabling A New Period Of Political Uncertainty In One Of The Poorest States Of Europe.

Premier Has All Confidence In The Elections Will Succeed. But If That Wasn't The Case, He Said He Would Call A Quick Poll For Parliament.

The Presidential Vote Would Probably Also Be Resumed From The Beginning, Although Zaev Has Ventured Other Options With Constitutional Changes.

The Presidency Is Largely Ceremonial, But The Office Can Exercise Veto Rights That Make It Difficult To Govern.

The Current President, Supported By The Opposition, Has Refused To Sign Bills Since The Country Changed Its Name To Northern Macedonia As A Protest Against The Deal.

Election Fatigue

The Small, Landlocked State Has Repeatedly Experienced Political Turmoil Over The Past Few Years, With Nearly 10 Elections In The Past Decade Doing Little To Increase Public Confidence In Politicians.

Opkomst Op Zondag Is Een 'uitdaging' In Het Licht Van" Election Fatigue En Een Laag Kiezersenthousiasme" , Zei David Stephenson, Een Politieke Consultant Gevestigd In Skopje.

But He Said The Tight First Round Could Generate More Energy For The Run-off.

What ' It's Important To Choose A President In A Free, Fair And Democratic Process, He Added.

If You Fail To Do This, You Risk Another Period Of Political Instability, Which Is Likely To Damage The European Perspective Of The Country And To Harm Economic Growth.

Zaev Said That He Would Also Call An Early General Election In The Event Of A Loss By The 56-year-old Pendarovski, Who Stands Up For Attempts To Establish Closer Ties With The West.

A Victory By Siljanovska-Davkova, 63, Would Be A Clear Reprimand For A Government That Practiced Its Reputation In Passing On The Namur Agreement With Greece Earlier This Year.

The Addition From North To The Country ' S Name Was A Compromise To End An Nearly 30-Year Identity Row With Athens That Skopje ' NATO's And EU's Ambitions Had Been Blocked.

It Remains A Divided Topic And An Important Discussion Point For The Presidential Candidates, With Pendarovski For The Deal And Siljanovska-Davkova.

Albanian Voice

The Ethnic Albanian Minority In Macedonia & # X27, Which Makes Up About A Quarter Of The Population, Could Be Decisive On Sundays.

Their Presidential Candidate Dropped Out Of The Race After Obtaining 11 Percent In The First Round.

The Candidate, Blerim Reka, Neither Named Public Leader By Name.

But He Has Urged The" Pro-Western Agenda" To Vote In What Is Considered Thin Veiled Support For Pendarovski.