My guru V. Dakshinamoorthy taught us to pave your own path and explore, I repeat the same thing, says Sa Re Ga Ma Pa's mentor, Mithun Jayaraj.

August 2 marked the sixth anniversary of the death of the legendary musician V Dakshinamoorthy. The brilliant musical director, who has left a remarkable mark on the hearts of music lovers, is still worshiped by his master songs.

In a free conversation with, student of Dakshinamoorthy and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam's mentor Mithun Jayaraj He talked about his Guru, who taught him to leave a stamp on everything he does. The singer also talked about his unconditional love for reality show contestants, whom he always refers to as his family.

Swamy advised us not to follow others, taught us to pave our own path and explore it. He always said it's okay to make mistakes and learn from him, the proud student remembers.

Mithun also shared that the legendary musician always advised his disciples not to blindly mimic a song but to make a stamp of their own with their rendition. Thanks to the brilliant guide, Mithun shares that he replicates the same to the contestants of 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam'.

Being a teacher is one of the most responsible jobs in the world. I am not a teacher here, but a guide. I can only give you suggestions to sharpen your talent. I share my experiences, what I did and what I didn't learn these years, '' Mithun shares.

When asked about his unconditional love for contestants, Mithun said he feels the vibe of a father who witnesses his son on stage every time a contestant shows up.

Mithun Jayaraj is one of the familiar faces to Malayalam telly audience, as he was one of the popular contestants of music reality shows like ' Singer star 'and' Sangeetha Mahayudham '.

I have been part of many shows, but unfortunately, I have witnessed many talented singers moving away from their passion after the show. I don't want that to happen to my children. I want them to stay in the music industry. The singer says.

Comparing reality shows from time to time, the singer opined that the contestants are more competent these days. Mithun also praised the hard work and dedication of the new generation singers.

Singing a complicated song is easier than singing a simple song with perfection. I am proud of these children for their passion and hard work, he adds.

The mentor thanked the contestants for their brilliant performances and expressed that every applause they receive is a moment of satisfaction for him.