Give Steyn among the best I faced: Sachin Tendulkar

When Give Steyn ran to the bowl to Sachin Tendulkar , the cricket's emotion ratio would reach its climax.

The best fast bowler in the world against the best hitter of his generation. In a conversation with TOI, Tendulkar remembers why he loved to face Steyn ... I have to say that without a doubt, he is among the best bowlers I played in my 24-year career. I thought that something that was incredible, but that he managed to do consistently was that late outwinger (which he possessed) and that angle he developed.

“The only other guy who bowled very much like him was possibly James Anderson. Their wrist positions were similar. But Steyn had a more whippy action. He could go through the crease much faster. The swing that he consistently got at that pace was incredible. When he was at his peak, he was bowling close to 150kmph, so it wasn’t that easy to handle. That’s where he had mastered that art. When he wanted to be really quick, he could do so.

I remember the spell that cast me on the morning of the third test in Cape Town (Sachin got 146, and Gautam Gambhir 93 in the first entries of that test, in January 2011). Gautam played Morne Morkel, and I played Steyn. For almost an hour, we couldn't rotate the strike at all. Whatever the races we score, we score in limits! That time, I can say, is one of the most exciting, interesting and challenging hours I've played in Test cricket! That was a decisive moment.

I enjoyed my battles with him and congratulate him on a wonderful career.