It took me a lot of time and effort to convince my mother that I am not dating Mallika: Sumedh

Making his first visit to Lucknow, Sumedh Mudgalkar & Mallika Singh seemed completely in awe of the city. "There are some places that you wish to visit & have been longing to, & Lucknow happens to be one of them for me!" shared Sumedh, who was last seen in the serial ' Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat '. He adds, "I am really happy to see so much greenery in the city. There’s a different kind of peace here altogether. It has very humble abodes & some beautiful buildings. I saw the Ambedkar Park here & was in complete awe of it. It is very pleasing to see the simplicity of this city."Sumedh’s co-actress on the show ' Radha Krishn ', Mallika also loved Lucknow. "Lucknow is a beautiful city. I’ve heard many praises for the food & places here. Since I have especially turned vegetarian for the show that I’m working on, I won’t be able to try the non-vegetarian food here but I’m sure it’s delicious, I’ve been hearing about it all along." Not knowing much about the city though, Sumedh said, "If it wasn’t for the time constraint, I would love to see the city properly."

Playing Radha in her debut serial, the 18-year-old actress, revealed that she has turned vegetarian just to get into the skin of her character. "I know when actors & actresses these days do mythological shows they do not make any changes in their real life. I mean so many actors have retained their personalities & the way of dressing while playing gods & goddesses, but I didn’t want to eat non-vegetarian. Just realising the sentiments & feelings of the people who probably look up to us as gods, fans who come to us & literally worship us with so much love & aspiration makes me want to give up non-vegetarian. I feel I owe it to them," says she, adding, "Before doing this show, I was very lethargic. I would sleep a lot, but then I didn’t realize how much I’ll have to slog for this show. We work day & night. We hardly get four hours of sleep. There are times when I fall sick too, but work goes on. It has been a learning experience though. The show has really helped me grow as a person. When I look back at the journey from when I started, it has been nothing less than wonderful."

Mallika & Sumedh strike a pose together in Gomti Nagar (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui) Mallika & Sumedh strike a pose together in Gomti Nagar (BCCL/ Farhan Ahmad Siddiqui)

Even Sumedh, who began his television journey as a dancer in a reality show, many things have changed since then. “I was picked up from a dance reality show, but even then I knew I wanted to act. I always wanted to act. At 15, like everyone else, I entered this industry to become a hero. But my destiny was such that instead they gave me the role of villain. Obviously I could not have refused to play the role, since the program was very important. Then, I convinced myself to play the role of the villain as well as I would play the role of a hero. It was then that I understood that it was not about interpreting a hero or a villain, but interpreting your character well, that is the objective, to interpret your part well, whatever it is. The deeper you feel your character, the better it will come out, share.

Ask Sumedh, who plays Krishna, if he has tried to copy any of the actors who have played the character previously & he says, “I watched the work of all the actors who have played the role of Krishna, to help me build my character for the show. Right from Nitish Bharadwaj hei to Saurabh Jain, I would realize how all these actors have interpreted Krishna so beautifully.

Known for their on-screen chemistry on the show, Sumedh & Mallika are rumoured to be dating each other in real life too. In fact, the couple was recently offered to participate in a dance reality show which they turned down. “We are really happy that the audience has loved our on-screen chemistry. We’re playing the lead characters on a show, so but obviously, out of five scenes, three scenes involve our presence. And in turn, the bond will naturally show on screen. But we’re not dating,” says Sumedh, to which Mallika adds, "A lot of work has actually gone behind building this kind of chemistry since we’re portraying the eternal love story of the iconic Radha Krishna. We have known each other for four years now, done so many workshops together. Our bond has been built over time. Sumedh is a close friend of mine. Besides I’m just concentrating on work right now, haven’t really given dating him or anyone a thought as of yet," said the actress.

But the linkup rumours do affect Sumedh’s family, the actor revealed. "My mother, who lives in Pune, got worried & asked about the rumours she had been reading in newspapers about our affair. Now imagine, I’ve been away from my mother for so many years. She, although understands how often these kinds of things are said about artistes, but she actually got worried. It took a lot of time & effort to convince my mother that I am not dating Mallika," says Sumedh.

Ask the two about their future projects & Mallika shares, "I feel scared honestly about what the future holds. I don’t know what kind of work I will get after this. I’m personally interested in mythology & fantasy a lot. I, however, hope I get a role in a mythological, historical or fantasy show after this show."

Sumedh, on the other hand, has worked in three Marathi films previously, one of which, titled 'Ventilator', had superstar Priyanka Chopra as a producer on board along with a short cameo by the global icon. "I’ve recently finished shooting for another Marathi film, other than that I’m concentrating on Radha Krishn for now."

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