George Reddy's biopic is a tribute to AP Che Guevara

When leading student George Reddy was brutally killed in the University of Osmania campus in 1972, Jeevan Reddy wasn’t even born. But the filmmaker has been fascinated by the late founder of Progressive Democratic Students Union for most of his life. “I was in my teens when I first read about his killing. George Reddy was just 25 when he was stabbed to death, but his revolutionary zeal left an indelible impression on young rebels across the country who dreamt of a revolution. His fearless opposition to social discrimination and inequality earned him the sobriquet “AP’s Che Guevara”. He continues to be an inspiration to this day and this biopic is a humble attempt to chronicle George Reddy’s legacy for the present generation, ”says Jeevan. pg1_george_reddy1 From the recently released first look of the film, it does seem like the filmmaker has succeded in bringing George Reddy back to life, albeit on celluloid. Protagonist, Sandeep Kumar’s striking resemblance to the late student leader has caught everyone’s attention. “I have spent the past five years of my life working on this movie. I've met his family members and friends to find out all about George Reddy — this mannerisms, how he spoke, his attitude et al, ”explains the filmmaker, adding,“ I spent nearly two years looking for a lead actor. When I watched Vangaveeti, I knew I found my George Reddy. I showed Sandeep old photographs of George and told him I want him to look exactly like that. When you see the film, it would seem like the real George Reddy has come to life again. I can assure you that. ”

pg6_george_reddy1 A research student in physics from University of Osmania , George Reddy was a university gold medallist and was also a boxer. And Sandeep Reddy left no stone unturned as he transformed in to George Reddy . “When Jeevan narrated George Reddy ’s story to me, I knew this was meant for me and went all out to get into the skin of the character. I underwent training in boxing since George Reddy was a boxer to make sure I get the physicality of the character right,” explains Sandy. The Vangaveeti actor honed his streetfighting skills as well. “There are stories of how he used to put blades in a handkerchief and use it as a weapon. It took me a long time to master that technique but after a lot of practise and bruises, I managed to ace that too,” says Sandy, smiling. Set in the backdrop of the student movement in University of Osmania between 1962 and 1972, the film promises to take the viewers five decades back in time. “We shot the film at OU and tried to recreate campus life of the 60s. The film will be a visual treat that will transport movie lovers to another era,” says Jeevan. Sandeep nods in agreement saying, “When you read about George Reddy , people will know about how he was a revolutionary leader. But the film will show how he started off as just another student and transitioned into to an inspiring leader. That is what will resonate with everyone.”