Electronic commerce focuses on small cities to boost job opportunities

New Delhi, August 4 () E-commerce companies are betting heavily on small towns to explore the opportunities offered by a large customer base and are expanding their talent pool in these cities to boost growth, experts say.

They expect recruitment to increase by 15 percent in this space.

Small cities are becoming the driving force for the growth of e-commerce in the country, as online retailers point to the connectivity of the last mile and increasingly focus on getting the small-town Indian customer to buy online.

Experts said that in order to meet the growing demands of consumers, e-commerce companies have been establishing stores in small cities and have also expanded their talent base in these cities.

The sectors that are expected to grow include logistics, electronic wallets, consumer goods and retailers, as these industries have focused on the growth of Tier II and III cities and have seen the customer base grow faster compared to The metropolitan cities.

Last year, Diwali holiday sales showed a 40 percent contribution from Tier II and III cities. This is a notable change and an indication of the scope of electronic commerce. Companies are focusing on warehouse, logistics and last mile connectivity. The labor market is growing in these cities and you will see a 15 percent growth in these cities, said Mayur Saraswat, Head of Digital Services and IT at Teamlease.

With competition in metropolitan cities reaching saturation, companies have to look for new markets and, therefore, chasing organic growth in these small cities is a natural option, Saraswat said.

Indeed India's Managing Director, Sashi Kumar, said that according to Indeed data, some of the country's leading unicorns are looking for talent in Tier II and III locations.

Haryana sees more than 18 percent of the job offers from these companies, as does Uttar Pradesh with 8 percent of all those job postings. Gujarat (2 percent) and Rajasthan (2 percent) also see the job offers of these companies. he said.

Some of the job functions that these companies are publishing include 'delivery person', 'guest service agent', 'sales manager' and 'field executive', among others.

Kunal Sen, Managing Director of India, Korn Ferry RPO and Professional Search pointed out that (hiring in small cities) would represent about 30 percent of the overall contracting fee but would grow faster than larger cities. Experts believe that small cities are future centers of retail growth in the country, since land is available at lower prices, lower rents and customers are ready to experiment with new format stores. DRR RVK RVK