Exclusive friendship day! Parmish Verma: my dad is my best friend

We have heard parents tell their children to treat them like their friends, but at some point, there comes a time when they fail to maintain friendship and it is only the decorum of father and son. However, punjabi singer and actor Parmish Verma is very happy that his father Dr. Satish Verma Not only did I ask him to be his friend, but he turned out to be one. Speaking exclusively with ETimes Parmish Verma said: My dad is my best friend.

“You know, when I started dating, my dad was the first person I talked to. In my teens, my father always used to say that I should talk to him as a friend, if I needed anything. And actually I could establish that relationship. That was the reason why when I entered the university and I didn't like it, I could talk to my dad. I said to him: “Dad mere ji ni lagda, me neither ae college laa sakda, merely a nor sink, I bhar jaunga, I kam krlu (dad I don't feel well here, I can't complete this university, I just can't, I'll go out to to work) . If it had been just my father and not a friend, then considering the fact that he paid an annual fee from my university and I come from a middle class family, he would not have supported me, ”the actor added.

He also said: “So, my dad has proven to be my best friend. I talk to him about my relationship, I talk to him about my career, my good times and my bad times too.

In addition, he spilled beans at one of the times when his father treated him as a complete friend. Parmish said: My dad does not smoke, drink or eat without vegetables, but he knows that I drink and, at the same time, I never drank in front of him. But there was one day, I was very happy, celebrating one of my successes, I told my dad that I am very happy and that I really want to talk to him, but I want to have a drink, so I can sit next to him and do it. It was as if you had a drink. As a father, I would never have accepted this, but as a friend he understands and accepts it.