Tovino: Kalki is a sensible mass movie

Tovino Thomas's next movie Kalki You will have a full body mass action avatar. The actor recently told us about what led him to assume the role and more about the Praveen Prabharam directorial.

On why it took him so many years to take up a mass action role, Tovino says, “I was waiting for the right project. I think a dishoom-dishoom hero similar to the ones in a Panchathantra novel or a cartoon is something that people of all age groups could enjoy to an extent. When you watch a film, there are two ways the audience can enjoy a character - if it is similar to their lives or if the character is something they aspire to be. I like doing films of all genres, and I am still at that phase where the film is choosing me and not vice versa. If you take Kalki, it’s not a movie where the hero’s punch makes the goons fly. It is sensible and convincing, but it will have a few gimmicks for that adrenaline rush you want from action movies. ”

Talking about the film, the actor reveals, “The story of Kalki happens in a fictional village after a police officer arrives to solve the problems resulting due to confrontations there. We wanted the setting to be different as compared to the usual villages that you see, and that’s how we created a place in Tamil Nadu-Kerala border called Nanjankodu. The film, I believe, is well scripted. Wrapped in the elements of a ‘mass’ action movie, it presents the idea of ​​a single world for everyone. ”

The movie also has Shivajith , Samyuktha Menon, Sudheesh and Saiju Kurup as part of the cast.