IOA will make the final decision on the boycott of 2022 CWG next month

NEW DELHI: The executive council of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) will meet next month to make a final decision on its 2022 boycott Commonwealth Games , your secretary general Rajeev Mehta He said Saturday.

The IOA had proposed to boycott the Birmingham CWG 2022 in protest of the fall of Shooting from his list and asked the sports ministry for their opinions.

"We have noted the views of some of our sportspersons & some NSFs are also asserting their right to participate in the Commonwealth Games . In the light of all these, our executive council will meet next month & take a decision on the matter," Mehta told PTI.

Mehta, however, refuted allegations in some reports that IOA has not taken up the case of Shooting in an amendment of the constitution of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) pertaining to the composition of compulsory sports at the 2015 General Assembly.

He said the IOA had backed the amendment, as it included sports such as wrestling, tennis table & gymnastics -- in which India is strong -- among compulsory sports. He added that the IOA's support to that amendment has no relation with Shooting .

"In the 2015 CGF Assembly, the IOA backed an amendment which related to compulsory sports & so not related to Shooting . The amendment included wrestling, tennis table & gymnastics among compulsory sports & cricket included among optional sports. India seconded the amendment as it had many positive aspects," Mehta said.

Previously, the choice of optional sports was restricted to seven, but the 2015 amendment to Article 22 (Sports in the CWG Program) removed the limit on the number of optional sports as well.

"Shooting was never a compulsory sport in Commonwealth Games . It has always been an optional sport but at the same time has been a part of every CWG since 1966 with the exception of 1970 in Edinburgh. The Constitution of the CGF of 2005 & 2014 mentions Shooting as a choice of the host. In 2010 Delhi CWG also, Shooting was an optional sport," he added.