Written update of Karthika Deepam, August 2, 2019: Deepa and Karthik's new journey begins

In the last episode of Karthik to Deepa m , Deepa buy additional groceries for Karthik . Monitha arrives and taunts Deepa adding that she can't win Karthik’s heart in the six-month-grace period that court has granted her. Deepa gives her a strong retort.

Karthik comes to Deepa’s place with his luggage. The neighbor observes Karthik coming in and gets suspicious over him. He feels uncomfortable standing at the doorsteps. Deepa is delighted to see him. She takes him in and tries to impress him with her hospitality and love for him. However, Karthik lashes out at her and declares that he is not going to stay there for long. Deepa challenges him by saying that she will make him accept her. Karthik orders her to remove the photographs of Hima with Deepa first. He also instructs her to ensure that Hima is not aware of his stay at her house. Deepa agrees to the same and removes the photographs.

Soundarya bring Sourya and Hima home. Deepa also arrives in no time. Soundarya is delighted to see Deepa happy. She asks about Karthik. Deepa replies that he is very uncomfortable. She also assures Soundarya that she will take care of him.

Both Deepa and Soundarya think of ways to make Hima and Sourya stay away from them (Karthik and Deepa) for six months. Deepa and Soundarya eventually trick the kids into believing that Karthik is on a six-month-long medical camp. Hima promises to stay without seeing Karthik while Sourya also assures to stay without seeing Deepa for six months.