In the first, Myanmar imprisons 24 militants from the northeast.

GUWAHATI: A District Court In Myanmar Has Sentenced 24 Manipur Militants, Who Were Arrested In Their Hiding Places In January By The Army Of The Country In An Offensive Against Indigenous Groups, Two Years Of Prison After Accusing Under The Illegal Association Law From The Country.

The Militants Sent To The Jail By The Court Of Myanmar Belong To The People's Army Of Manipur (MPA), United Liberation Front Of Assam (Ulfa), (KYKL), People's Liberation Army Of Manipur (PLA), People's Revolutionary Party Kangleipak ​​(PREPAK)) And The Kangleipak ​​People's Revolutionary Party.

Quoting Colonel Than Naing From The Northwest Command Of The Myanmar Army, The Burmese Daily Irrawady Reported:" We Prosecute Them Under Article 17 (1) Because They Are Rebels" . The Myanmar Army, Officially Known As" Tatmadaw" , Launched A Massive Repression In National Socialist Council Of Nagaland (Khaplang) In January. On January 29, The Northwest Command Of The Myanmar Army Raided The Headquarters Of The National Socialist Council Of Nagaland (Khaplang) In The Self-Administered Zone By The Naga Of The Sagaing Division, Where The Indian Militants Were Staying. The Army Stopped 24 Rebels From Assam And Manipur.

" Expulsion By The Myanmar Army Continues, And We Have Reports Of Shootings Near Hoyat And Laonyu Village Along The India-Myanmar Border," Said A Source Of Security." The Tatmadaw Filed A Complaint Against The Rebels Pursuant To Article 17 (1) Of The Illegal Association Act." At Its Sixth Hearing, The Hkamti District Court Sentenced The 24 Rebels To Two Years Prison," He Reported.