Probable anti-dumping duty on certain types of steel from Brazil, China, Germany

New Delhi, August 2 () The government can impose an anti-dumping duty of up to USD 3,263 per ton on imports of certain types of steel from Brazil, China and Germany for five years, according to a government notification.

The investigation arm of the Ministry of Commerce, DGTR, recommended the duty after concluding its investigation into the alleged dumping of 'High speed steel without cobalt grade' imported from these three countries.

This steel is used to make high speed steel cutting tools.

It has been concluded that the product has been exported to India from these nations below its normal value, which resulted in the dumping of the product.

The national industry has suffered significant damage due to dumping, the General Directorate of Commercial Remedies (DGTR) said in a notification.

The authority (DGTR) considers it necessary to recommend the imposition of anti-dumping duties on imports of goods from these countries for a period of five years, he said.

The anti-dumping investigation was carried out following a complaint by Graphite India Ltd. The import duty had been requested.

The recommended duty ranges between USD 1,902.34 and USD 3,263.68 per ton.

The final decision to impose the duty will be taken by the Ministry of Finance.

A country conducts an anti-dumping investigation on the basis of applications submitted by the national industry with prima facie evidence of dumping of goods in the country.

Research is a quasi-judicial process and is allowed according to the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO). India is a member of the WTO, which has been developing laws for world exports and imports since 1995.

Between April 2018 and March 2019, DGTR initiated 24 anti-dumping investigations (both recent and review) and issued final conclusions in 50 of these cases.

Anti-dumping duties are imposed to provide a level playing field for local industry by avoiding cheap imports. All three countries are members of the WTO. RR HRS