The highlight of the Guna 369 movie review: Karthikeya's movie has a first half that fails

After the blockbuster RX 100 and the disastrous Hippi , Karthikeya returns with Arjun Jandhyala Guna 369 .

Guna ( Kartikeya ) is a happy and carefree guy who has been spoiled beyond credibility by his family. He works in a granite factory and his favorite passes include spending time with his best friend (Mahesh) and harassing Geetha (Anagha). Geetha is her new neighbor who is not friendly with jokes but falls in love reluctantly with a man who takes pictures without her consent. While enough time is spent on his love story, there really isn't much depth.

There are also side tracks that involve a local goonda called Radha, whom Guna has known since childhood. Radha almost looks like a urban legend because everyone seems to shake at the mention of his name but nobody seems to recognize him when he is in public. There is also a group of young people who seem harmless on the surface but give themselves up to nefarious acts. The way and the reason why Guna comes into contact with one of these young people is anything but an organic narrative.

While Karthikeya does everything possible to give life to the titular character, sometimes even exaggerating, it's fine. Anagha, on the other hand, does a good job with what it offers. With a long, winding and faltering road that finally leads to the 'interval explosion', which vanishes, it remains to be seen if the second half will do better.