Written update of Tujhse Hai Raabta, August 1, 2019: Malhar brings his old friend Ketki home, Kalyani is surprised

In the last episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta , Malhar enters a house where he finds his old friend Ketki sitting next to a body. It is shown that Ketki 's husband Dinkar was killed by the militants, who Malhar was chasing.

Kalyani is seen looking at Malhar 's old album and talking to Pilu (Moksh) about his friendship with an old college friend Ketki.

Just then, Anupriya comes running to Kalyani and asks her to come along and see what Aao Saheb is doing.

Kalyani rushes out and requests Aao Saheb to allow the flower and mithai wala to supply their products for Aparna's wedding. Aao Saheb gets happy and then Kalyani tells her that she was just joking with her and she doesn't need her help at all.

Kalyani calls Atharva and asks him to offer mithai to Aao Saheb that she has ordered online.

Kalyani says she knows how Aao Saheb works and as a result, she had already ordered everything online before wedding.

Aao Saheb asks who will do the kanyadaan and perform the wedding rituals as she will not let any pandit come over. To which Kalyani says that they will not perform kanyadan of Aparna as she is the daughter of this house. She further tells Aao Saheb that Malhar will perform the wedding rituals.

Kalyani tells her father Atul that it was Malhar who had always helped her in the time of her need. Kalyani tells Atul that Malhar is a nice man.

Kalyani further says that she has arranged a mehendi ceremony for Aparna in the evening. Atul gets happy. Sarthak tells Kalyani that he will perform the wedding rituals of Aparna and Vaman.

Sampada shouts at Kalyani for getting her mother married. Aparna gets angry at her daughter Sampada and says that she has never been a nice daughter. Sampada is in tears. She curses Kalyani that she will never be happy in her life.

Everyone including Kalyani feel hurt and disturbed with what Sampada just said.

Elsewhere, Ketki tells Malhar how her husband was killed by the militants who had taken her husband's tempo on hire. Malhar decides to take Ketki to a safer place.

Aparna and Vaman come to the place where the mehendi celebrations are going to be held. Aparna's brother and Kalyani 's father Atul enters and tells Aparna that Aao Saheb will eventually accept the wedding.

Kalyani dances on a Bollywood number and everyone is happy. Kalyani decides to show Malhar the same.

Malhar is seen entering with Ketki in his arms. Kalyani is shocked to see a girl in her husband Malhar 's arms. Kalyani realises that she is Malhar's best friend Ketki.