The head of SAP Labs India, Khandelwal, resigns

BENGALURU SAP India Labs Managing Director Dilipkumar Khandelwal resigned from the firm to start a new entry in the starting space. He spent almost two decades with the Ru0026D center in India, the largest in SAP outside its headquarters in Germany.

Two years ago, Khandelwal was elevated as president of Hana Enterprise Cloud, a private cloud hosting service to run Hana, the next-generation application and analysis platform, and non-Hana applications. This was a great achievement for an Indian leader. He then informed Bernd Leukert, a former member of the SAP executive board. After Leukert left the firm, he informed Christian Klein, chief operating officer and member of the executive board.

Sindhu Gangadharan, global vice president and head of integration in the CTO office, will replace Khandelwal from September. Sindhu will provide valuable information for SAP Labs India has played various leadership roles in product management and integration technologies in its 18 years with SAP, a company spokesman said in response to the TOI consultation.

Khandelwal is credited with the growth of Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) from an incipient business to a service offering of nearly $ 1 billion, industry sources said. HEC is one of the fastest growing services of SAP. And S/4Hana, the real-time ERP suite for digital businesses, is one of the fastest growing ERP cloud solutions in the market.

“I have the privilege of being part of SAP's innovation and growth transformation journey. After more than 20 years of corporate career, I am ready to take on a new challenge and continue my passion to be new business mentors, said Khandelwal, who comes from a business family. In the last six months, he has met with more than 100 startups that, according to him, have changed the game in their own way. Khandewal has invested in startups such as Whatfix, Loadshare, Moglix and Fablestreet. It will continue to invest in companies in the initial stage and growth stage. He is also a limited venture capital partner in Fireside Ventures and a member of the Stellaris Venture Partners investment council.

Under Khandelwal’s leadership, SAP India Labs grew to 9000 people. It has morphed from a delivery centre in 1998 to an innovation hub making significant contributions to SAP flagship products such as Hana, S/4Hana and Hana Enterprise Cloud.