Release of Gubbi Mele Brahmastra pressured to avoid a confrontation

When TR Chandrashekar established to make films under its Crystal Paark Cinemas banner, the goal was to make clean artists that have a novelty factor. He believes that so far he has fulfilled his part of the deal, with films like #Chamak, Ayogra and Birbal. His next release is the comedy drama. Gubbi Mele Brahmastra .n “Director Sujay Shastry has presented a simple story in an orderly and fun way. The humorous element is the highlight of the movie, says Chandrashekhar, who was ready to release it on August 9, but decided to advance it a week to avoid clashes with other high-priced movies.

August 9 was our chosen date, as it would have been appropriate, one week after the launch of a large budget Kannada film. But the release date of that film got pushed, and we were in a fix because we were looking at a situation where there would be too many Kannada films hitting the screens on one day. In Karnataka, we do not have as many theaters to accommodate so many films being released on the same day. Now, even though the long weekend coming up, thanks to the Varamahalakshmi festival, it would have been a good time to release our film, we have decided to change our release date to August 15. By the way, according to numerology, August 15th It's a good day, says Chandrashekar.

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