Badshah will have an open conversation about sex with his daughter when he grows up

Indian rap star Badshah He feels that sex should not be rejected as a taboo subject, and said he cannot wait to have a sexual conversation with his daughter at the right age.

His daughter might think papa ko kya hogaya achanak se, but Badshah plans to make it fun for her.

“Can you talk to your parents about sex? I don’t. But that is something that we all must do, ”Badshah told a news agency while discussing how sex still remains a taboo in India.

I have a daughter and I can't wait to have this conversation with her, of course, at an appropriate age. I want her to know everything. I do not know how. You will probably feel uncomfortable with papa ko kya hogaya achanak se (what happened to dad suddenly). I know I have to make it fun, ”added the singer, who became the father of a daughter in 2017.

Badshah has picked a script which tackles the issue of sex education in India to mark his acting debut in Bollywood. He will be seen as a Punjabi popstar Gabru Ghaatak in his debut film «Khandaani Shafakhana» .

Khandaani Shafakhana, slated to release the August 2, aims to put the spotlight on the issue of how Indian society considers sex a taboo topic through the journey of Sonakshi Sinha’s character as she inherits her dead uncle’s sex clinic.

Badshah feels fortunate that he got sex education while growing up.

“I was lucky to have sex education at my school. I did my studies from Delhi. Sex is (very) natural.

“You need to know about the disorders, the importance of practicing safe sex, importance of planning a family. Look at the population of the country. We all need to know about all these things, ”said Badshah.

What other problem is close to your heart?

“I grew predominantly in Haryana, Punjab and Delhi. As soon as you move away from Delhi to Punjab and Haryana, I think the girl is still a taboo. People do not want to have a girl. Aapko pata chalta hai ke wealth is akal nahi aati (you should know that wealth does not bring wisdom). You will be surprised to know people's thoughts, ”he said.

The singer became more passionate about the cause after having a daughter.

“I began to feel more uncomfortable about this from the moment I became a father. I think beti hello apni hai. I don't know, but it's something I really want to do something about.

Do you like to write a song?

“I have written a song. I just want to collaborate with a popular Punjab artist to make the reach bigger. ”

Though he started his career in 2006 alongside Yo Yo Honey Singh with band Mafia Mundeer, Badshah has paved a way for himself in the industry by giving chart toppers and party numbers.

When it comes to Bollywood, there is 'Saturday Saturday', 'Kala chashma', 'The humma song', 'Kar gayi chull', 'Tareefan' and 'Abhi toh party shuru hui hai'. In the blockbusters section that are not movies, there is 'Patola suitable', 'DJ Waley Babu', 'Mercy' and 'She moves it like'.

At the moment, he is waiting for his acting debut.

Whats Next?

Holidays, he said with a wide smile.

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