Written update of Karthika Deepam, July 31, 2019: Deepa receives the verdict in his favor

In the last episode of Karthik to Deepa m , Monitha tries to talk to Karthik about his decision to get divorced. But Karthik doesn’t entertain the conversation. In the court, Karthik tells the judge that Deepa intentionally got separated eight years back. He further alleges that she is deliberately trying to get back into his life and take his daughter (Hima) away. The judge asks Deepa about her equation with the in-laws. Deepa hails Soundarya and Anand Rao. The judge then asks Soundarya why she let Deepa and Karthik separate. Soundarya replies that she had to respect their individual rights and decisions. The judge criticizes Krishna mural for not working on his daughter’s issue. I admit that he was helpless in this case. He adds that both Karthik and Deepa are amazing people individually. Deepa declares that she doesn’t want to get divorced.

The judge concludes that Karthik and Deepa did not understand each other well. Giving a verdict on the case, the judge directs the couple to live together under one roof for six months and then file for divorce if they still want to. The verdict leaves everyone except Karthik emotional. Deepa thanks the judge for the second chance. Karthik says that he would respect the court but he can’t let her enter his home.

The judge asks him to stay with Deepa at her place. Karthik initially denies but later agrees for the same. Everyone rejoice the verdict.