Naomi Watts: joined 'Luce' when Octavia Spencer was part of it

Naomi watts has revealed that he agreed to appear in the psychological thriller 'Luce' since Octavia Spencer was already united to star in the project. Watts, who previously collaborated with Spencer on 'Divergent' film series, said he decided that the script would be good if the actor were on board.

"In the summer two years ago, I got sent the script & I was told that Octavia was attached to it. Already it was clear that it was going to be read by me by the end of the day just because it was her. I had already worked with her before on that 'Divergent' series, & I had such a great experience with her," she told an entertainment magazine. "And also the projects that she picks, it's such an endorsement that comes with that. With her name attached it made me read it right away, & the minute I started turning those pages, I felt like it was really rich, dynamic material," she added.

Watts said the script of the movie was in my skin. I loved how the story changes from one character to another, where you judge one and then follow and forgive them, and then move on to the next one you just move all over the place. It seemed that the public was going to have to participate in a very active way. He is very satisfying as a member of the audience, but also as a person who is part of the experience of telling stories, he said. The actor said he then spoke with director Julius Onah and had a great conversation.

I immediately trusted him. He is a very intelligent guy. He just moved from there. The movie also stars Tim roth & Kelvin Harrison Jr . Adapted from JC Lee's acclaimed stage play, the film follows a liberal-minded couple, Amy (Watts) & Peter Edgar (Roth), who are forced to reconsider their image of their perfect son, Luce (Harrison Jr), who was adopted 10 years ago from a war-torn country, when his teacher Ms Wilson (Spencer) tips them off that he has written an extremely disturbing essay for a school assignment. The film is scheduled to hit the cinema halls on Friday.