Bigg Boss Telugu season 3: former contestant Babu Gogineni criticizes the organizers for not taking any action against the former contestant for leaking information about the program

Former Bigg Boss Telugu contestant Babu Gogineni is clearly not happy with the organizers of the third edition of the reality show. Without naming the ex-contestant, Babu Gogineni complained that the contestant is leaking information about participants of the latest season, their eviction and the organizers are keeping mum about the incident.

He took to his social networking handle to condemn the leakage of inside information by the ex-contestant. In his recent post, Babu Gogineni slammed the organizers for not taking any action against those who are leaking information about the entries and eviction of the show.

He further described it as ‘incompetence’ of the organizers to allow even the remotest possibility of leaking information in the first place. He took a dig at the ex-contestant for the leaking information on his online platforms using ‘deceptive language’ in the name of prediction. Terming it as ‘a stupid and spoil sport’s act’, Babu Gogineni called for a strict against such offences. In the post, he also found fault with the location of the Bigg Boss house, which is situated in the heart of the city.


About 400 people work to make BIGG BOSS the show it is. The organizers of the show, that is, the Endemol Shine team, owner of the show's format and rights, and Star Maa, which signs the contracts with the artists and others.

The others include the cameramen, the sound people, the editors, the people behind the cameras 60-90, the doctors, the health staff, the cleaning staff and, of course, the ones who install the sets and supply the foods. The housemates don't know any of these people, except the doctors, and that too, if they do.

For those outside, it is not a big problem to pay one of the staff members mentioned above, especially the technical staff that films the weekend episodes, gets some information from them and then delivers it to a YouTube channel to Reveal the information. As if that were an achievement. Who has been eliminated, who is the wildcard entry, etc.

They do not predict before the event. After spying during the event, they are revealing internal information before the organizers intend to do so.

And using deceptive language as if they were 'predicting' through their analysis. They already know. They are not predicting.

To start, it is dishonest.

It's stupid, and it's an act of sports loot.

It is a mischief that must be condemned.

It is clearly actionable under criminal and civil law.

I am horrified at the incompetence of the organizers that they have not been able to control even the participants of previous shows when creating this nuisance.

The big mistake is having the sets in the heart of the city at Annapurna Studios, where there are many possibilities of leaks.

But that does not mean that people can play with you. For sure.

What is the use of having a legal team that does not act against those who are spoiling the game?

Organizers Endemol and Star Maa: Previously released the nonsense of the army and all the stupidities you made, including threats to you and other contestants.

Are you going to let this happen again?

Here is a 'filtered' review. :-), read your post.

curiously Nutan Naidu of Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 fame has reportedly started making predictions of Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 on his online platforms.

The organizers of the show have not yet commented on Babu's accusations.

Babu Gogineni was one of the most controversial contestants of the previous season. His stance against BB Telugu 2 winner Kaushal and his online fan community has created a stir.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 hosted by Nagarjuna was launched on July 21. Hema was recently evicted from the show and Tamanna Simhadri has entered the house as a wild card contestant.