Sunny Deol: don't turn movies into fast food

Sunny Deol on why the cinema in which one believes should have priority over what is in fashion and transmit the family legacy to the third generation

Sunny Deol is gearing up to unveil the third generation of Deols with his son, Karan, opposite another debutante, Sahher Bambba , at your next address, «Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas» . It is understandably all nerves. “I was the first to be released in our generation and this movie made me realize what my father (Dharmendra) must have been through during 'Betaab'. Unless you become a father, you cannot empathize with this pain, fear and love, ”admitted the actor and filmmaker, remembering that when he was filming the action sequences, the director in him would push Karan relentlessly, but seeing him fall plummeting 400 feet, with his heart in his mouth, he forgot to record the trick.

It was exhausting, he shuddered, admitting that he became even more nervous when he saw the scenes he had filmed, wondering if he could have improved it. Despite all the movies and years of experience, I'm not sure, so I decided to do my job honestly and leave the rest to the audience. Sometimes, what seems wrong to me is fine with them, since they don't know the story.

Sunny is equally nervous about her son, wondering if Karan can handle things. “Then, I remember yes, so he will too. Even so, since it comes from a protective family, it is good that he directed his first film. It is important that a newcomer beget and, although the filmmakers of our time were more accessible, the scenario has changed today, he sighs. So, have you prepared your child for what is to come? He points out that no matter how much a father does, the child must fight the battle. “Karan must be telling himself that he can and can face anything. At that age you think you are invincible, ”he chuckled.

One wonders if Deol Jr was always inclined towards movies and Sunny seemed bewildered, says Karan talked about becoming an actor after finishing high school. So, I sent him abroad because here, as an actor's son, it would be difficult for him to interact with people normally and expect them to judge him like any other type. For me, there is no better career than movies and if my son wants to dabble in the arts, he could not be happier, he smiled.

Sunny is known for being a difficult actor to please, he's a perfectionist director too, you wonder, and he laughed, Perfection is hard to achieve and it's boring. What I was looking for was vulnerability. The beauty of a love story lies in innocent faces. Unfortunately, that innocence fades after the first movie, ”he laments. But the Deols agree with the dhai kilo ka haath. Will that be transmitted to Karan as his legacy? I would not call it a legacy since we have not inherited it. Our strength comes from our honesty and is embodied in the dhai kilo ka haath, ”he said.

After Karan, are there plans to launch Rajvir? Insurance. After Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, history is being written. ” Will he direct it too? I'm open to another director, but I'm not going to run after someone. Unless the person is interested, baat nahin banti. All my life I have worked with people who are hungry, creativity tabhi mein maan aata hai, he said.

The children of Brother Bobby, Aryaman and Dharam, are also handsome children. Would he want to direct them too? Why not? If I am capable But they are still young, let them complete their education first, then, if they want to go into movies, I am there for them, Sunny smiled.

A performance that stands out is its National Prize winning role in 'Damini' with its bitter protest against blind justice, Tareekh pe tareekh ... With the case of Unnao rape in the headlines, the issue remains relevant. Have you ever thought about taking it forward? It is not the movie, I would like to take the character forward. I don't drink or smoke, so Govind evolved as Rajji (director Rajkumar Santoshi) and went on. He can be returned, like Ajay Mehra in 'Ghayal: once again', if we can nail a story, ”he said. What about the reports of meeting with Santoshi? “Rajji and I have just met and 'Ghayal', 'Damini', 'Ghatak' happened. I hope something like that just happens, ”he smiled.

How about taking the franchise of 'Yamla Pagla Deewana' or even 'Gadar' with Karan? “That would be beautiful if we can find a subject. There is much love for the Deols. YPD was an interesting concept, but after the first movie, we couldn't do it right. Gadar, for me, is like 'Star Wars', the whole country has seen it. People see it as an Indo-Pak drama, I see it as a beautiful love story. With a great theme, it could be great, ”he said.

Sunny added that he has not remixed or recreated his father’s 'Blackmail' song for “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” despite borrowing its title. “It’s my favorite song but certain things should not be touched. Besides, there was the question of rights. Log humse pyaar toh bahut karte hain par jab hum unke paas jaate hain toh pyaar nahin dikhta. We have created another hummable title song, ”he informed.

For Sunny there are two types of movies, the nautanki and one that is credible, and as a fan of Hollywood movies, particularly those of James Dean, enjoy and try to emulate the latter. I do not praise the films of yesteryear or criticize those made today. All I say is that you don't turn movies into fast food. Everyone wants a blow, but don't work consciously to achieve it. Sometimes, I could even have made movies because of the pressure, but for the most part, I made movies that I believe in, instead of chasing what's hot, he said.

And what prompted him to get into politics after moving away from her for years? “I told myself, I never thought of becoming a producer, 'Ghayal' made me one. I never thought of the address until 'Dillagi' appeared. The policy happened the same way. When I was campaigning, I didn't know what I had to do, so it was just myself and that resonated with people. After I was elected, everyone I met, from a guy at the airport to an autocarreshaw driver, looked at me with confidence and hope. They are happy for me, maybe happier than me. And that gives me a sense of pride and responsibility. I have to meet your expectations and I know I will. I always do what I want to do, what is required of me, ”he signed.

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