The first woman to land on the moon will be American: Pence

WASHINGTON: The United States Plans Another Space Mission To The Moon, Vice President Mike Pence Said Monday And Claimed The First Woman To Land On Earth S Natural Satellite Will Be An American.

At President (Donald) ' S Direction, The United States Will Return To The Moon Within Five Years, And The First Woman And Next Man On The Moon Will Be Americans, Pence Said, In His Speech To The Satellite 2019 Conference Here.

The Trump Administration Is Incredibly Proud That Before The End Of The Year We Will Launch American Astronauts On American Rockets From American Soil Into The Vast Space, He Said.

To Fully Unlock The Mysteries Of Space, President Donald Trump Recognizes That The US Should Look Beyond The Government Halls Outside Of NASA For Input And Guidance.

That ' S Why We These Users ' Advisory Group In The National Space Council, Of Which I Can Proudly Say That He Has Brought Together Some Of The Smartest Heads And Greatest Talents In The Country To Help Accelerate Innovation Throughout Space Travel, He Said.

More Than 15,000 Scientists And Representatives From 105 Countries, Including India, Are Present At The Four-Day Mega Event Starting In Washington DC On May 6

It Is Touted As The Largest Commercial Event In The Satellite Industry. It Contains The Most Important Keynote Appearances Of Amazon And Blue Origin Founder And CEO Jeff Bezos, Founder And CEO Of SpaceX, Elon Musk, One Web Founder Greg Wyler, And Many Others.

Knowing That Other Countries Participate In The Space Race, Pence Said, As Their Capacities Increase, The Truth Is There Is No Guarantee Nations All Over The World Share The Same Values, Ideals Or American Commitment To Freedom And The Rule. Of Law And Peace.

And That ' What Makes Our Leadership In Space So Important He Said.

The Truth Is That Nations From Russia And China To North Korea And Iran Have Implemented Weapons To Block, Blind And Disable Our Navigation And Communication Satellites Via Electronic Ground-based Attacks, Pence Said.

Recently We Have Even Seen Nations Working To Bring New Weapons Of War Into Space Itself. From Anti-satellite Weapons And Airborne Lasers, To Highly Threatening, On-orbit Activities And Evasive Hypersonic Rockets, Our Competitors And Our Opponents Have Aggressively Developed And Implemented Technologies That Endanger Our Technology, Endanger Our Welfare And Safety The Vice President.

Today, We Recognize Space As A War Area, Like Land And Sky, And Pence Quoted Trump As Saying. And America Will Be Just As Dominant For Its Security In Space As It Is Here On Earth, He Claimed.

To Meet The Emerging Threats, President Trump Has Taken Decisive Action To Strengthen US Power.

From The First Days Of This Administration, We Have Rebuilt Our Army And Restored The Arsenal Of Democracy. And Last Year President Trump Signed The Largest Investment In Our National Defense Since The Days Of Ronald Reagan, Including Renewed Resources To Increase The Resilience Of Our Space Systems, He Said.