Local Panchayath massacre stray dogs in the Guntur district

GUNTUR: In a horrific incident, a local panchayath near the city in the district killed about 70 and buried them en masse. The incident created ripples among animal lovers when they rushed to the local police station and filed a complaint.

The sources said it is believed that Panchayath officials from Halfpet village have involved some people to kill stray dogs after the villagers' complaints. It is believed that all stray dogs were shot dead within two hours on Sunday. Panchayath staff moved the slaughtered dogs to a remote place on the outskirts of the village and buried them in the mass grave.

A student, NSV Sarath Chandra was surprised to see the dogs being killed and buried in mass while addressing him on Sunday. This mass slaughter of dogs is not only a violation, but a blatant disregard for the Supreme Court verdict, Sarath said. He said it hurt to see the discharge of dozens of dog bodies in the cemetery. It's an inhuman act, Sarath Chandra shouted as she explained the horrible incident to TOI.

He immediately alerted Tejovath Anupoju of the Help For Animals society and requested his help in filing a complaint against the officials. Tejovath, who personally visited the town, was also horrified to see the horrific murder of innocent dogs. Without anyone answering his call on Dial 100, Tejovath went to the Tenali police and filed a complaint seeking the immediate submission of an FIR against Panchayath officials. He said that stray dogs should be contained by sterilization and not by sacrifice.