US sends aircraft carrier to West Asia to warn Iran

The United States Have Said: Sending An Assault Group And Bombers To West Asia To Send An" Unmistakable Message." To The Iranian Regime, Referring To" Some Troubling And Escalating Indications And Warnings" ; The Suggestion Was Linked To Tehran .

The US Do Not Want A War With The Iranian Regime, But We Are Fully Prepared To Respond To Any Attack, Whether Through A Proxy, The Islamic Revolutionary Guard , Or Regular I Rende Ian Forces, National Security Adviser Said On Sunday.

Without Giving Further Details, Bolton Said The Deployment Of The Bomber Force And USS. With With Unrelenting Force .

It Wasn ' T Clear What Prompted The Move. The USS Abraham Lincoln Had Docked At The Port Of San Diego In Recent Weeks. Officials Didn ' T Respond To A Request For Comment. Tensions With I Ran Have Been Rising For Months As US Sanctions Squeezed The Economy, Inflation And Undermining Investment