Minister says Pakistan has sent Hubble to space

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan ' Science And Technology Minister Was Online Trole After He Said The Hubble Space Telescope Was Sent Into Space By Space Agency NASA .

Chaudhry Claimed That The World ' S Biggest Telescope ... Was Sent By Suparco (Space And Upper Atmosphere Research Commission) . One Of The Ways To See Is The Hubble Telescope, Which Is The World ' S Largest Telescope And Was Sent (into Space) By Suparco, Which Is Installed In A Satellite, He Said. Suparco Is Responsible For Pakistan ' S Public And Civil Space Program And For Aeronautics And Aerospace Research.

The Minister ' S Gaffe Triggered Hilarious Reactions And Memes On. May Be NASA Will Resign And Also Join The Ministry Of @fawadchaudhry As Head Of Suparco, One User Tweeted. You Have Really Surpassed All Your Predecessors. Incredible. Mr PM @ImranKhan ..., Another User Tweeted.