Hyderabad: police remove modified bicycle silencers to curb noise pollution

HYDERABAD: Although Hyderabad Police Are Imposing Fines On Cyclists Who Use Modified Mufflers, Which Make A Great Noise, Their Thursday Counterparts Stepped Forward And Took Out Mufflers For Two-wheeled Vehicles With The Help Of Mechanics. The Hyderabad Police Affirm That Police Do Not Have The Right To Withdraw Silencers And That They Could Only Fine-tune And Refer The Case To The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA).

The Inspector Of Ramagundam, Ramesh Babu, Said:" Motorcyclists Are Resorting To Acoustic Contamination With Modified Silencers, We Are Carrying Out A Special Unit In The City Of Ramagundam At Present. Royal Enfield And Yamaha Vehicles With Modified Mufflers That Make A Huge Noise. We Took The Bikers And Took Them To The Police Station Along With The Vehicles. The Motorcycle Mechanics Hired By Us Pulled The Silencers. Acoustic Pollution Is A Great Threat." We Have Made The Special Impulse In View Of The Disturbances Caused To Other Motorists And To The Public In General" .

Traffic Police Also Conducted Advice For Motorists." We Will Not Tolerate Any Type Of Actions That Increase Acoustic Pollution," He Added.

A Hyderabad Transit Police Officer Says:" The Police Do Not Have The Right To Remove The Silencers. In Hyderabad, We Are Testing (Decibels) Acoustic Pollution Using Meters And Imposing A Fine Of Rs 1,000 To Offenders. We Can Send Vehicles For The Vehicle Verification Report In Case Of Violations. There Are Guidelines Prescribed Under The Rules Of MV Act And PCB" .

The Hyderabad Transit Police Planned To Hold A Meeting With Vehicle Manufacturers, Those Dealing With Vehicle Accessories, Mechanics And Service Establishments To Tell Them Not To Modify The Mufflers.

" In Certain Models, Violations Have Been Found In The Own Manufacturing Stage," Said One Official.