No decline, e-submitting returns increased 19% in FY19, says CBDT

NEW DELHI: The Income Tax Department On Monday Said The Actual Number Of That Submission Electronic Efficiency Had Risen In The Fiscal Year 2018-19, And Rejects Reports That The Figure Had Decreased.

The Central Board Of Direct Taxes ( CBDT Said In The 2017-18 Fiscal Year, Out Of 6.74 Crore ITRs Which Were E-filed, 5.47 Crore Returns Were Filed For Assessment Year (AY) 2017-18. In Fiscal Year 2018-19, 6.68 Crore Returns Were E-filed Which Included 6.49 Crore Returns Of The Current Assessment Year 2018-19, Marking An Increase Of Almost 19%.

" This Would Imply That Substantially Larger Number Of Taxpayers Filed Their ITRs Electronically In The Fiscal Year 2018-19 As Compared To 2017-18 Fiscal Year," The CBDT Said In A Statement.

"There have been some incorrect reports in media pertaining to reduction in numbers of Income Tax returns e-filed during financial year 2018-19 as compared to FY 2017-18. This is factually untrue, because the figures for FY 2017-18 and FY 2018-19 are not directly comparable," the department said.

During Fiscal Year 2017-18, Separately From The Returns For The Assessment Year 2017-18, Nearly 1.21 Crore Returns Were Filed For Assessment Year 2016-17. The Balance Returns Filed For Assessment Year 2015-16 And Previous Assessment Years Is 0.06 Crore.

For Comparison: During The 2018-19 Financial Year Only 0.14 Crore ITRs Were Submitted For Review Year 2017-18. The Apparent Decrease In The Number Of ITRs Filed And Linked To Previous Years In The 2018-19 Financial Year Was Therefore The Result Of An Amendment To Article 139 (5) Wet Op De Income Tax , Effective April 1, 2018, Which Mandated That A Revised Return Could Be Furnished Only Up To The End Of The Relevant Assessment Year. As A Result, Only 0.14 Crore Returns Linked To Assessment Year 2017-18 Were Filed During Fiscal Year 2018-19 As These Were The Revised Returns For The Relevant Assessment Year Which Could Only Be Filed Due To A Change In Law And No Other Returns Of Any Earlier Assessment Year Could Be Filed In View Of The Amended Provisions Of Law.

The Department Also Said That The Number Of Paper Returns For The 2017-18 Assessment Year Was Only 9.2 Lakh (1.5% Of The Total Return Submitted) And The Number Of Paper Returns For The 2018-19 Assessment Year Is 4.8 Lakh (0.6 % Of The Total Return Submitted)." It Is Clear That Most Taxpayers Have Switched E-filing Which Is Clear From The Dwindling Numbers Of Paper Returns Filed For Assessment Year 2018-19 Compared To Earlier Years," It Added.