Before the ban, the Andhra Pradesh government will assume control of the alcoholic beverage businesses

VIJAYAWADA: Deputy Prime Minister and Special Tax Minister K Narayana Swamy presented the bill at the assembly on Tuesday. The invoice, Andhra Pradesh (The regulation of the trade of foreign liquors elaborated by India, the Law of foreign liquors (modification) of 2019, modifies article 6 of the Law of 1993, authorizes the government to have exclusive privilege of sale (liquor) by store in the state and no other person will be entitled to any store sale privilege. ”

However, the privileges of selling through a bar and in a house (hotels) will be governed by the rules established by the government, according to the new legislation. This would mean that there would be no liquor owned by private players once the Law enters into force, said Deputy Prime Minister.

The deputy prime minister also said that they have realized that most store licensees violate the rules and conditions of the license. The violations and other irregularities committed by these licensees have caused disturbances in civil society, the government said as a reason to present the new bill.

The government also admitted that they are determined to eradicate such violations in retail by store, by complying with strict regulation through retail trade by the public sector organization.