Akshaya Tritiya: Kollywood stars on their favorite jewelry

Today, On Akshaya Tritiya Day, Kollywood And Telly Celebrities Tell Us About Their Favorite Jewelry And Why It Shines The Most For Them

I Will Never Replace My Neck Piece With Mambazham For A Newer Design

The first piece of jewellery that I wore was a gold mambazham (mango) neckpiece set. My mother gifted it to me when I was a child and I remember wearing this piece with all my pavadai-sattais for family functions. It is a small piece, but a cute one. I haven’t worn it in recent times, but I will never replace it for newer design as it reminds me of my childhood.

- Janani Iyer

A special jewellery that only my community wears

I hail from the Badagas community and we have a uniquely shaped earring that is worn by our grandmothers. It is huge, and I don’t think you get that design elsewhere. It is passed on from generation to generation. We don’t sell it, too. It has a lot of value, especially when you know that only your community wears it. It has an emotional connect, too. And I love that design to bits... I can’t wait to flaunt it when I get old.

- Vani Bhojan

I’m happy that I can wear some of the antique pieces from my collection

I have a few necklaces and those ornaments with green stones, ruby stones, gold, etc, which I love wearing on occasions. The beauty of these jewellery pieces are that they are so authentic and have been inherited from previous generations. The jewellery I got from my grand mom looks brand-new even today. I’m happy that I can wear some of the antique pieces from my collection rather than going to jewellery shops and purchasing it.

- Parvatii Nair

I have a classy and contemporary collection

We have the tradition of passing on elegant jewellery collection to the younger generations. It includes gold necklaces, earrings in floral designs, and so on. My mother has some of them, my sister-in-law has a few, and all women in our family have this one set which they inherited from their grandmom. She may have got it from her in-laws. The designs are so classy and contemporary that you can wear it even today with both western and Indian outfits.

- Raashi Khanna

A bracelet and a necklace have the most sentimental value for me

I used to buy jewellery more often, but after a point, I realised that I’m not wearing them as much. I’m not someone who changes earrings or bracelet often. So, I’ve now decided that I’d rather buy things that I’d use more regularly. The things that have the most sentimental value for me are a love bracelet and an alhambra necklace, which I wear every day.

- Priya Anand

It is a choker with red and green stones

I am not a big fan of jewellery. But my mother owns a gold choker that is encrusted with red and green stones, which was handed over to her by her great grandmother. She treasures it a lot and adores it more than any other diamond jewellery she owns. And I’ve grown to like the jewellery piece myself as there’s a history behind it. I have worn it a couple of times. The piece is quite stylish... imagine, it is almost two generations old. Choker is in right now, but this piece of jewellery will always stand out. I am certain that I will pass this down to the next generation to come as it is close to our family.

- Iswarya Menon