The farmer of Andhra Pradesh is lucky, digs up a diamond in the Kurnool field

TIRUPATI: A has found one in his, announcing the annual diamond hunt at Rayalaseema. It is estimated that the diamond is worth Rs 60 lakh. The farmer sold the diamond to a local merchant, identified as Allah Baksh, who bought it for Rs 13.5 lakh and five gold tolas. Although the news has spread like a fire across the district, the police said they did not know. Meanwhile, the exact size, color and weight of the diamond remain unknown. The police said they are investigating the case.

This is the second diamond hit in the Kurnool district this monsoon. On June 12, a shepherd, while shepherding his sheep in the village of Jonnagiri, found an eight-carat diamond, which he sold for 20 lakhs, while the actual price could be about 50 lakhs. The Krishna basin, along with that of its tributaries, is historically known to produce diamonds, which are erroneously known as Golconda diamonds.

Meanwhile, farmers and migrant labor, who have been camped in makeshift tents along the course of the Tungabhadra and Hundri rivers, both tributaries of Krishna, are hitting smaller diamonds.

The search for diamonds in several villages in the Kurnool district, including Jonnagiri, Tuggali, Maddikera, Pagidirai, Peravali, Mahanandi and Mahadevapuram, is done every year with the start of the monsoons and continues until the end of the season. During the monsoon, the rains drag several layers of earth revealing the diamonds below the earth.

The search for diamonds in these parts of the Kurnool district has gained so much popularity that migrants from not only the entire state, but also from several neighboring states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Maharashtra visit the riverine areas in search of diamonds.

The areas where the diamonds are found are in and around the Sarvanarasimha Swamy temple in the headquarters of Sirivella mandal, where it is widely believed that Sri Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara empire and his minister Timmarasu hid treasures underground.