Improving defense skills and finishing our approach: Manpreet Singh

New Delhi, India hockey Pattern Manpreet singh He said on Saturday that entering the Olympic qualifiers , the objective of the team has been to improve its performance at both ends of the field. All of our recent training sessions have been about improving our defense and finishing, Manpreet said.

We have to make sure that every time we enter the opponent's semicircle we must be able to get at least a short corner or a good target shot. In our field, attention has been focused on that and the defensive structure of the team. We can not give the opponent any easy opportunity, he added.

Former Australian defender Fergus Kavanagh was sent to conduct a seven-day camp for Indian defenders at the center of the Indian Sports Authority in Bengaluru earlier this month. Our defenders and our porters spent a week with him. The week went very well and now we are focusing on our defensive structure, he said.

Coach Graham reid I had previously spoken about the need to improve the score after the series of tests against Australia that was held in May. It was Reid's first assignment since his appointment on April 8 and India had conceded nine goals in two big losses against the main team at the end of the tour.

India entered that series with almost no games against teams of a similar caliber to their credit since they retired from the Pro League and Manpreet said that this was a factor in his defeat. It was the first tour of our coach and, secondly, we did not have too much practice of games, while playing in the Pro League. But even then I would say that the performance of the team was good and we took many positive things. he said. Everything we learned from those matches was useful during the Series Finals in Bhubaneshwar.

Manpreet said that he and other seniors have a good relationship with Reid and that he has tried to maximize the team's strengths instead of making wholesale changes and imposing a new system. He is very free with the players. In the training sessions he is very focused, but other than that, the players like to be close to him, he said.

India will travel to Tokyo to participate in the Olympic test event that will be held between August 17 and August 21. They will face Australia again there, along with New Zealand, Japan and Malaysia. This will be followed by a tour of Belgium from September 23 to October 5 before they play the final round of the Olympic Qualifiers, which are expected to begin at the end of the month.