Secret 'hero' blogger rips into the Kremlin with one click

MOSCOW: He Is Wheelchair Bound And Has Limited Use Of His Hands, But Alexander Gorbunov, The Author Of Immens Popular Accounts Russia , Has Come Out As One Of The President Vladimir Putin ' S Most Vocal Critics.

Diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and using his right index finger to type, the 27-year-old author of StalinGulag skewers the "hypocrisy" of Putin's system and the everyday injustices ordinary Russia ns face. Known for his wit and use of profanities, StalinGulag has built a near 1.5 million strong army of followers on Twitter and Telegram, with a total media outreach believed to include several million more.

For years the StalinGulag author's identity remained one of Russia 's best-kept secrets but Gorbunov blew his cover after authorities began harrassing his 65-year-old mother and 80-year-old father last week.

Gorbunov Said That He And His Wife Were On The Run. They Can Easily Arrest Someone And Put It In Prison, Gorbunov Said, Adding That Even A Short Stint In Prison Could Kill Him. They Don't Care

In Dissent's Increasingly Loud Disapproval, Putin Signed Laws In March That Allowed Courts To Impose Fines And Put People In Prison For Showing Lack Of Respect For Authorities And To Block Media For Publication.

Gorbunov, Who Is An Autodidactic Financial Trader During The Day, Apologizes For Publicity But Reveals His Identity To The BBC And Spoke To AFP After Police Officers Inspected The Police. At Home In Makhachkala. His Family Moscow have also been intimidated, he says. Gorbunov's story has stunned Russia . "This person is a hero," said screenwriter Andrew Ryvkin. But, the blogger insisted he was neither a hero nor an opposition activist.