Both BJP and TMC responsible for the systemic attack in Bengal, says CPM

NEW DELHI: Even When The Trinamool Congress And The BJP Faced The Violent Clashes On Tuesday, In Which Iconic Reformer And Educator Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Was Violated, Rivals And Critics CPM Blamed Both Parties Directly For Allowing Bengal To Descend To An Abyss Of Community Polarization.

When The Videos Of Invading Vandals Began To Circulate On Social Networks, The General Secretary Of The CPM Attacked The BJP-RSS For Vandalizing The" Heritage Of Civilization" Of India.

" BJP-RSS Does Not Have Anything To See When The Historic Vidyasagar College Vandals, They Break The Vidyasagar Statue Is This Their Defense Of The Civilization Of India? Attacking Knowledge Is Fundamental To Putting Your Poisonous Project Into Motion Bengal Will Reject The Destruction They Offer" , He Said, Calling The Attack, Not Just For A Statue, But For A" Systematic Attack On Bengal" .

" One Of The Biggest Symbols Of The Bengal Renaissance Is What BJP-RSS Has Attacked, These Obscurantists Have Always Opposed Vidyasagar's Ideas, But Bengal Will Not Succumb," He Added.

Equally Unparalleled In His Criticism To The TMC, Which Along With The BJP, Has Led To A Nearly Annihilation Of The Left, Yechury Said:" There Is No Difference Between Modi And Mamata When It Comes To Suppress Freedom Of Expression And Expression. They Serve As Mutual Reinforcement To Each Other. Bengal Has To Defeat These Two Forces."

Earlier In The Day, The CPM Leader Also Accused BJP And TMC Of Being" Bent On Denying The Legacy And Spirit Of Bengal" .

" Empty Containers Make More Noise. The Communal Polarization Attempts By TMC And BJP Insult Bengal People Who Have Always Defend Social Harmony And Pluralism." The Left Front Is Working With People To Defeat These Forces," He Said.