'Facts of historical events': Kamal Haasan defends the comment 'extremist Hindu'

MADURAI: Days After His" Hindu Extremist" Commentary On Aravakurichi Will Create A Political Storm, The President Of Makkal Needhi Maiam On Wednesday Broke His Silence And Said He Only Spoke About A.

Speaking In Thoppur, Nearby, Kamal Expressed His Surprise That People Would Be Angry About What He Had Said.

" I Never Called Nobody A, What I Spoke Was A Historic Fact, I Am Extremist In Expressing My Views, If I Have Guilt And I Will Be Reserved In Several IPC Sections, Even My Friends In The Media Could Be Reserved In The Same Sections To Take Only One Part Of My Speech And Present It, Distorting All The Speech That Way, The Truth Will Be Bitter As Medicine But, It Needs For The Healing," Kamal Said.

In Staging A Controversy Before, Kamal Had Said That The First Free Extremist Of India Was A Hindu, In Reference To Nathuram Godse, Who Killed Mahatma Gandhi.

The Actor Said He Was Full Time In Politics Now." Now I'm Dedicated To Politics And How I Can Depend On The Support Of Only One Segment Of The People. I Need The Support Of All The Communities And Breeds. Basically, We're All Human And Above That We're All Tamils," Kamal Said.

He Also Arrested Against The Political Parties That Attacked Him.

" Do Not Fight With Me, You Are All Full Of Lies, Governments In Delhi (center) And Can Not Survive For A Long Time With Only Lies, They Will Have To Be Demolished And Done Democratically," Said Kamal.

HC Rejects Haasan's Petition To Annul FIR Against Him

The High Court Of Madras Refused To Heed A Petition Of The Head Of MNM, Kamal Haasan, In Which He Requested The Annulment Of An FIR Registered Against Him By His" Extremist Extremist Of Free India" It Was A Hindu Observation.

Judge B Pugalendhi, Of Madurai Bench, Said That Such Petitions Can Not Be Considered As Emergent Petitions During Vacations.

However, The Judge Said That If An Application For Advance Bail Was Filed, It Could Then Be Taken For A Hearing.

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