Saeed's arrest drama has been underway since 2001

NEW DELHI: After the Mumbai attacks, Hafiz Saeed's brain was again arrested by Pakistani authorities, India expressed hope on Thursday that this time it will be brought to justice unlike the drama that was seen on previous occasions in name of the action against you.

The government recalled that this was not the first time Saeed had been arrested or detained. This drama has taken place at least eight times since 2001. The question is whether this time it will be more than an aesthetic exercise and whether Saeed will be judged and condemned for his terrorist activities, said MEA spokesman Raveesh Kumar.

He reiterated India's position that Saeed was a designated terrorist, the mastermind of the Mumbai terrorist attacks and listed by the United Nations The Sanctions Committee in accordance with Resolution 1267 of the UN Security Council. Effective international action against Hafiz Saeed and his terrorist organizations is an obligation on the part of all member states of the UN, including Pakistan . It also has a $ 10 million reward under US law, Kumar said.

India has long argued that UNSC 1267 provisions related to the inclusion and proscription of known terrorist entities and individuals must be effectively and sincerely applied by all member states. Kumar said that Saeed and his front organizations. Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jamaat-ud-Dawa recruited and trained hundreds and thousands of people and motivated and indoctrinated them in a violent agenda against India.

The FATF (Financial Action Action Group) has drawn attention to the clear evidence that organizations supported by Saeed continue to be involved in the support and financing of terrorist activities, he said.