Pragya Thakur is not included for the AIIMS Bhopal institute body

BHOPAL: the new Member of Parliament (MP) of Bhopal does not appear in the nominated parliamentarians to establish the body of (AIIMS), Bhopal.

MP from Vidhisha, and Hoshangabad MP, Uday Pratap Singh They have been nominated as members of the almighty body. The members of the institute body play an active role in the main institute, including patient services, finances and the operation of the institute's review.

Administration officials are tight-lipped about the nomination and exclusion of Bhopal MP Thakur from the nomination. The decision is made by the (MoHFW), said a senior AIIMS Bhopal official.

Previously, the first time she was a deputy of Bhopal, Alok Sanjar was a member of the institute's body. Sanjar was proactive in addressing the concerns of the residents of Bhopal who came to the medical attention of the super specialty hospital with 800 beds. Those who have been nominated have a connection with Madhya Pradesh. There will be no changes and the elected representatives of the people, including the Bhopal deputy, will raise people's problems and intervene when necessary, said Sanjar.

Unlike Thakur, the deputy of Raipur, Sunil Kumar Soni, has been nominated to the body of the AIIMS Raipur institute. Thakur has not yet visited the institute that receives funds from the central government of around Rs 150 million per year and the corpus fund of Rs 116 million. The expansion of the hospital to its maximum capacity of 950 beds has been delayed for almost three years.

When contacted, Pragya Singh Thakur did not respond. The election of parliamentarians for the body of the institute will take place for AIIMS established in Bhopal, Jodhpur, Kalyani, Mangalagiri, Nagpur, Patna, Rae Bareli, Raipur and Rishikesh. The nomination is for a period of five years. It is expected that all elected members will be nominated without opposition. If necessary, the vote for it would take place on July 24.