The murder of ND Tiwari's son: police accuse wife of assassinating Rohit Shekhar

NEW DELHI: On Thursday, she said she filed a charge sheet against who was arrested for murdering her husband Rohit Shekhar Tiwari, the son of veteran politician N D Tiwari. The 518-page charge sheet was filed in the Saket Court and 56 witnesses were appointed, including Rohit Shekhar's mother, Ujjwala Tiwari.

According to the charge sheet, Shukla, a 35-year-old lawyer, has been charged under Section 302, which deals with murder and is punishable with death or life imprisonment.

Shukla suspected that her husband had a son with her sister-in-law and feared that the property could go to him.

Apparently, she had suffocated and strangled Rohit Shekhar, after an argument with him about drinking alcohol with her sister-in-law, who did not like it, he said.

Rohit Shekhar was killed on the middle night of April 15 and 16 this year. Among the triggers that led to the murder are a turbulent and unhappy married life and the plan of Rohit Shekhar to give his share of the property to the son of his sister-in-law.

Shukla had political ambitions, but after marrying Rohit Shekhar he realized that he had no political position and discovered that his dreams would not be fulfilled, mentioned in the charges sheet.

His mother, Ujjwala Tiwari and his sister-in-law, thought he should end his marriage and a decision on the couple's divorce was supposed to be made in June, police said.

Apoorva Shukla met Rohit Shekhar through a marriage website in 2017 and got married in May last year, police said, adding that she knew he was the son of former ND Tiwari minister.

Within 14 to 15 days of the marriage, she began to stay away from the house, the charge sheet said.

In July of last year, when he was admitted to a hospital, she had given him a legal notice, but then they had reconciled.

On April 15, Rohit Shekhar, his sister-in-law, ND Tiwari's assistant and two of his other employees returned, Uttarakhand after casting their votes, and Shukla made a video call to Rohit Shekhar to ask him what he wanted to have for dinner, according to the charge sheet.

During the course of the video call, you may have seen a relative in the car drinking liquor with Rohit Shekhar, but said nothing, he said.

After Rohit Shekhar returned home around 10 pm, he dined alone and went to his room, and between them he went out to join his mother.

Around 12.45 am, Shukla went to Rohit Shekhar's room after watching television. While in the room, he had an argument with him about drinking alcohol from the same glass as his sister-in-law, after which he allegedly killed him, the charge sheet said.

Forensic experts had said there was no outside entrance to the room where Rohit Shekhar was found dead. The CCTV recording from his home, which showed that Apoorva Shukla was one of the last people to access Rohit Shekhar's room, was also cited as evidence, police said.

Forensic reports are expected.

Rohit Shekhar's mother was in the Max hospital in Saket for treatment when she received a call from her home telling her that she was not feeling well. Then he took an ambulance that took him to the hospital.

He was pronounced dead by doctors and his body was sent by postmortem mail to the Institute of Medical Sciences of India (AIIMS), New Delhi, police said.

The autopsy was performed by a meeting of five doctors on April 17 and the report revealed that Rohit Shekhar died of suffocation when he was suffocated and strangled, police said.

Following the autopsy report, a murder case was recorded and transferred to the Crime Branch, which arrested Shukla on April 24.