UP STF in charge of chasing the culprits who attacked the prison van, killed 2 policemen in Sambhal

LUCKNOW: On Thursday he said his (STF) was tasked with catching unidentified assailants, who opened fire in a jail van, killed two policemen and helped three defendants escape custody on Wednesday.

ADG, from the Bareilly area, said: A cash reward of Rs a lakh has been announced for each of the three criminals who killed the police personnel. They will be given a short answer in their own language.

In a statement issued here, ADG (Law and Order) said: Police throughout the Moradabad and STF distribution area are making every effort to quickly bring the perpetrators to justice. In the past, we have proven many times the most difficult action possible. A decisive way awaits criminals who commit serious crimes.

He also said: I learned from senior officers camping in Sambhal about the circumstances in which police officers were transported in a truck. It happened right after the incident, when his colleagues felt they should rush them immediately to seek medical help to save their lives.

They seized the available vehicle immediately without waiting for the ambulance. Today, the martyred commissar received all the honors and senior officers will participate in his last rites.

The ADG conveyed its condolences to the bereaved families, while assuring them of the best possible assistance.

The two policemen, police officers Harendra and Brijpal, were killed when unidentified assailants opened fire in a jail van in the Sambhal district on Wednesday and helped three prisoners in low prison escape from custody.

The superintendent of police (SP) of Sambhal said that the two police officers, who were escorting some prisoners who were not in Moradabad's trial, were shot to death by heavily armed criminals in a bold attack on the police team.

The incident occurred at the Dhannumal crossing, near the village of Banither, when a police van returning with 24 minor trial prisoners to Moradabad after hearings in a Chandausi courtroom was attacked by criminals, said Rama Shastri.

They tried to catch the culprits, he added.

The prime minister expressed his deepest condolences for the death of the two policemen and announced compensation of 50 rupees each to his relatives, in addition to a government service for a dependent family member and an extraordinary pension for his wives, an official spokesman. He said.

Meanwhile, IG, Moradabad rank Ramit Sharma told reporters in Sambhal: Intensive controls are being carried out in the Rampur, Moradabad and Amroha districts. The bodies of the murdered police officers have been sent to their villages after paying tribute to them in the police lines.