This is how Jennifer Lopez prepared for her role in 'Hustlers'

The actors always put their best foot forward and try not to leave stone without moving to get into the skin of their characters. Some work on their physique for a specific role, while others master a new skill or visit a new place. And it seems that Jennifer Lopez It is also loaded for his next movie. 'Hustlers' .

Interestingly, the actor took his fiance Alex Rodriguez to a hot night to prepare for his role as a stripper in the film.

The writer and director of the film, Lorene Scafaria, revealed on the website of a fortnightly American magazine: She and Alex went to visit a strip club and could give me some ideas.

Scafaria said the 49-year-old star used his supreme athleticism to a large extent for his bar dancing scenes.

She is obviously such an amazing dancer, but she trained so hard for this, said Scafaria.

Bar dancing is not like anything else. You need muscles that you do not know you have. So we treat it a bit like a sports movie that way, the director added.

Scafaria also admitted that she was almost desperate to get Lopez for the role of Ramona in the film, which is based on a 2015 story by New York Magazine.

"The moment I finished the script, I realized, Oh my God, Ramona is Jennifer Lopez . Jennifer Lopez is Ramona. The two of them are the same, they have all of these similar qualities. It has to be her," Scafaria said.

Casting Lopez made it easier to get more talents on board for the movie, including Constance Wu , with whom Lopez approached during the shooting, as well as the rappers. Cardi b and Lizzo.

The casting became infinitely easier once Jennifer joined. Everyone really, really, really wanted to work with Jennifer. That was the beauty of making this film too: cast what felt like the right people for each part and watch them interact How they should be together, said Scafaria.

Will Ferrell and the Oscar-winning filmmaker Adam McKay They are producing the project together with López and Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas. The film is scheduled to reach theaters on September 13.