Hans Zimmer said no to 'Tenet' by Christopher Nolan for 'Dune'

Christopher Nolan & Hans Zimmer they have been a winning combination in six films together, but the composer had to reject the director's latest news 'Beginning' How I did not want to lose the opportunity to work Denis Villeneuve is 'Dune' .

Nolan & Zimmer first collaborated on 'Batman Begins' & continued their partnership on 'The Dark Knight', 'Inception' to 'Dunkirk', for which the composer earned three Oscar nominations.

Zimmer has been a fan of the Frank Herbert is 1965 novel since his teenage years, which made it difficult for him to let go of the opportunity.

Both Villeneuve & Nolan are currently filming their new movies & have 2020 release dates already set, making it impossible for Zimmer to work on both.

" 'Dune' is one of my favourite books from my teenage years. I love Denis, obviously, & Joe Walker, his editor. We did '12 Years A Slave' together & 'Widows'. We started working together in 1988 for the BBC together. It is nice working with family," Zimmer told a leading film & television website.

The composer has not seen David Lynch is 1984 adaptation, which was panned by the critics.

Zimmer said he will come to this in a new way, just from the book.

Ludwig Goransson, who won the Best Original Score Oscar for 'Black Panther', is giving the music for Nolan is 'Beginning' .

"I have to do ( 'Dune' ). Chris (Nolan) understands I have to do it. He is going to be just fine. Ludwig & I are friends. Forget the friend part, he is really good," Zimmer said in the interview.

'Dune' is slated for release on November 20, 2020 while Nolan is 'Beginning' will arrive in theatres months earlier on July 17, 2020.