My goal of securing the Olympic quota creates pressure: Heena Sidhu

NEW DELHI: Heena Sidhu It's in a break from the trigger point these days. It looks much more relaxed, very close to the space in which a shooter wants to be. His busy headspace was previously shown on the scoring monitor at the Delhi World Cup earlier this year. That is fixed now. The former number 1 in the world has a clear vision of its objectives. In Shooting terms, your view is not falling now. She knows what went wrong and, most importantly, she knows how to solve problems before the problem is solved. Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Heena has not yet contributed in the seven Olympic fees reserved by the Indian shooters so far. It is that pain that she admitted for a while, before realizing that thinking too much will not help. So she made some course corrections.

Heena decided to leave the 25-meter gun event in December of last year and focus only on the 10-meter airgun event. It must have been difficult for someone who won the 25m gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, or maybe it was not. He decided in favor of his 10-meter bronze in the Asian Games to get out of a technical tangle. It could be what you need before the next World Cup, which is still more than a month away by the end of August.

But at this moment, Heena lifts her feet and laughs watching her favorite comedies.

Excerpts from an interview:

Like most people, you also did not like the way the Cricket World Cup final ended

I did not like how it was decided. A Super Over, which was also the same (tied) and then went with the (number of) limits. Instead, they could have also looked at the wickets (lost) or another Super Over. Whatever has happened does not seem fair.

But we can safely say Heena Sidhu is a cricket fan as well?

No, I'm not a big fan of cricket, but it was the final of the World Cup. Apart from that, I just watched the India vs Pakistan match and the Indian semifinal.

Let's come to what you love doing - Shooting . What's the latest on that front, Olympics on your mind?

En este momento, solo me estoy enfocando en descansar y tomarme un día a la vez. La cosa es que tienes que centrarte en tu rendimiento y no pensar en el resultado. Eso es exactamente lo que estoy tratando de hacer. Estoy pensando en mi rendimiento, cómo puedo mejorarlo, en qué debo trabajar. Lo que pase después de eso es otra historia. Estoy tomando un descanso porque no hay partidos por venir. Así que este es un momento en el que puedo relajarme antes de comenzar a prepararme y trabajar para los Olympic Games. No estoy pensando en el resultado en absoluto.

The last six months have been lean for you, especially since you scored 587 in the 10 million attempts last December

After that 587, I learnt a lot of things. There was nothing different before that (in terms of) training leading to that 587 or the training leading to the World Cups. So the only inference I can draw is I am facing pressure from my wish to grab the (10m air pistol) Olympic quota as soon as possible. It started with the Delhi World Cup, which was on home ground and I was very hopeful that I will get the quota. The training was going well, I was in excellent form. But somehow I couldn't (win a quota place) and that just sort of disrupted my momentum going to the World Cups. If that World Cup had been somewhere else and not in Delhi, maybe I wouldn't have taken it to heart. But now that I have this time that I can take a break, relax, sort of forget about Shooting and start afresh, I think I will do much better in the upcoming matches.

Has it helped focus the 25m gun event?

I stopped 25m in December of last year. I have not touched that gun until now. 587 was when I had just decided that I was going to stop doing 25 meters and just concentrate on the air pistol. So yes, not having an event gives me a lot of time during the day to think only about the air gun and the time for me too. I think that if I want to restart the sports pistol, I will be very happy to do it; But I think I will do it after the Olympics now.

Shots may not appear in the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Did that in any way influence your decision to leave the 25 m event?

It's not like I'm doing 25m for the Commonwealth Games. I really love that event and I miss it. I had to make a decision because I was facing a lot of technical problems both in 25 m and in air gun, and I did not understand what was causing what. So to clear my mind, I had to leave 25m and concentrate on the airgun.

What is the opinion of your husband and coach Ronak on the debate of 25m against 10m?

He agrees with me. He also saw my point. We had been struggling with technical problems for a long time, so he said yes we can stop him and concentrate on the air gun. And if necessary, we can start over.

How do you react normally to comments that do not look beyond Ronak as a coach?

In fact, I have had more coaches before Ronak. I have had Ronak working with them also as a coach. Even after 2016, I started working with Munkhbayar Dorjsuren. I worked with her for two camps and saw that there was no difference at all. It's not that I don't take criticism with sporting spirit. If I feel this could be one of the reasons that could help me improve, I did try it. And after trying it, I found that there was no difference in what Ronak was making me do and what she was making me do. They both think alike, have the same concepts about Shooting . What Ronak has is how he understands me as a person. He has an edge over there.

Are telenovelas the best friend of a shooter, considering that shooters largely live very isolated lives?

Can you say that. I spent my time in the Asian Games with a lot of comedy. I really like standing comedy, because it frees you from the stress of the day, to be happy, to smile, to release good hormones. You really feel good, you have better sleep.

Do you think it is really difficult to book a ticket to the Olympic Games considering that the youth shooters are pushing the elderly?

No, I think if you shoot your scores, concentrating on your performance, then no. Anyway, in the scheme of things worldwide, the scores that are required to really do well in the Olympics, win a medal or enter the final are quite high. So the competition we face in India is good and it helps us prepare for those matches. My competition has never been with Indian shooters. It has always been worldwide. If I take it into account, the competition I face here becomes part of a larger scheme of things.

Do you agree with the growing idea that India is improving at junior level than in senior competitions?

That are a lot of things that (are at) play here. One is the way Shooting has spread across the country, through media, through the achievements of seniors who have won medals in the past. That has inspired a lot of juniors to take up the sport. The parents also feel much more secure putting their children in sports these days. A lot of people have started Shooting and we are getting the best out of the lot. That is actually across sports, not just Shooting . Like I said, the competition that we face in India is good, it prepares us, brings the best out of Indian shooters to represent the country. It's good. They are all doing well. We are in this cycle where previous performances are inspiring newer performances. This is how sports should be. It should be a self-sustaining system where your old performances are only inspiring younger generations to come up, and they are doing well.

Are you waiting for the Khel Ratna for you and the Dronacharya award for Ronak?

Yes, we are waiting for it. Let's see. We have hope and I think we deserve it. We have done what we had to do from our side. Now everything depends on the committee. Let the best person win both prizes.