Samyukta Menon plays a politician with shrewd motives in Kalki

Police drama Kalki It is very expected, but Tovino He aroused a particular interest in the film, when he casually let the cat out of the bag on the character of Samyukta Menon. Apparently, she is a villain in the movie.

Samyukta, who is the female lead in the film, tells us that it is the kind of role she has wanted to do. I want to do not only a negative role, but characters that are off the beaten track, says the young actress. And when this character appeared, he was very interested not only in the role, but also in the team behind him, which is the same as Theevandi . Praveen Prabharam, who was the associate director in that film, is debuting as director with Kalki. It offered a great comfort zone. So, I wanted to take it up right away.

The film revolves around politics and the police, Samyukta says, and she plays a politician with her own sly motives, who is only concerned about getting her way, by hook or by crook. Does Tovino, who plays a policeman, show her the error of her ways? That would be revealing too much, she says.

Samyukta also has another project, Edakkad Battalion 06 , on the floors opposite Tovino. It was funny. It was leaving the sets of Kalki, but two weeks after I started on the next film, Tovino was at the new location, she says.

She points out that the two roles and films are as different as chalk and cheese, with Kalki designed as a mass entertainer and Edakkad Battalion 06 being a “touching family story”. The day after the Kalki shoot, I started the shoot on Edakkad, where I play Naina Fathima. But the switch was easy enough; your attire and shooting locations in a way help you get into the skin of the character,” says Samyukta, pointing out she felt like a politician with an attitude in her saris and silver jewellery in Kalki , while she could slip into the role of a Muslim woman as her role puts her in a thattam, while shooting in the Malabar region.