Sonbhadra massacre: family members agree to take bodies after the administration accepts the demands

VARANASI: The angry members of the family of the 10 deceased, who were shot dead in the land dispute, which took place between people and tribes of the village of Ubha under the Ghorwal police station on Wednesday, organized their protest at the district hospital on Thursday.

The family members had refused to take the bodies and perform the last rites of those who died in the incident on Wednesday.

The family members were firm in their demand to meet with the head of government and remove the bodies only at that time.

Ten people, including three women and seven men died, while another 21 were injured in the incident. Reports suggest that seven people died on the spot, while two others succumbed to injuries on the way to the hospital. An Ashok Gond (35) died in the night, which brought the number of dead to ten.

The sources said that the bodies of the deceased were kept in the morgue of the district hospital.

The high officials of the district administration had had conversations since morning with the family members angry, trying to chase them to take the bodies in their power and perform their last rites.

The villagers and family members agreed to take the bodies after the talks and their demands included sufficient compensation for the families of the dead, proper treatment of the injured and the investigation of the dispute with all the details, said DM Sobhadra , Ankit Agrawal. . We have accepted their demands, after which they have agreed to take the bodies, he added.

The district magistrate sent a proposal to the state government about compensation to the relatives of the ten people killed in the massacre on Wednesday. According to the proposal, ten bigha of land and Rs 5 lakh to the members of the family of the dead would be given, while five bigha of land and Rs 5 lakh will be given to the wounded.

Police have so far arrested 12 people in connection with the incident.

According to reports, the village chief, Yagyadutt Bhurtiya, along with his supporters, arrived on about 24 tractors and began to plow the disputed terrain. When the Gond people tried to object, they started shooting, killing several people and injuring others, said SP Sonbhadra, Salman Taj Patil.

Upon receiving the news, the police teams arrived at the scene and took the bodies, while the wounded were taken to hospitals. Those who were serious were taken to the district hospital in Sonbhadra, while the others were taken to the community health center in Ghorwal, the official said.

The sources said the dispute was about 112 bigha of land, which was bought by the village head a couple of years ago.

The FIR included 27 named and 50 anonymous persons, of which 24 have been arrested so far. The police also recovered two weapons, which were used in the incident the previous day, said SP Sonbhadra, Salman Taj Patil.